The Ohén:ton Karihwatéhkwen (Thanksgiving Address) serves as the foundation of all curriculum at the Akwesasne Freedom School. Each day begins with the opening which is recited from memory by the students. 

This process aids in developing young minds to be good public speakers. Subject areas such as science, social studies, health, language arts and mathematics are covered within a theme in relation to the Ohén:ton Karihwatéhkwen and always with the goal that the students will have the ability to make wise decisions for future generations. These subjects are taught in a way that helps the students understand their own way of life from a physical, historical, economic and human perspective. Contemporary events are examined with a traditional point of view as a guide. Each area of the program consists of a scope of learning experiences, resources and materials required for each student to build knowledge and skills, as well as the ability to internalize the customs, patterns, language and attitudes necessary to practice traditional Kanien’kehá:ka culture.   

“Our prophecies say that the time will come when the grandchildren will speak to the whole world. The reason for the Akwesasne Freedom School is so the grandchildren will have something significant to say.”   Shakokweniónkwas (Tom Porter)
Language is the key to cultural survival. Our language is learned through speaking, reading, writing, and singing.
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